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Data sovereignty for communications.

Element Matrix Services (EMS) delivers

A fully managed hosting service for Matrix-based messaging and collaboration that offers digital sovereignty, an open communications network for easy collaboration and end-to-end encryption.

We take care of the management, you’re in control of the data.

Fully managed hosting for fast, robust performance

Complete data sovereignty, data ownership and control

Enterprise functionality including SSO and auditing

️Customised domain and personalized addresses

E2EE for both messaging and collaboration

Open network for easy connections, with bridging to proprietary apps

As universal as email

Element is based on the open Matrix protocol. You can easily connect with anyone else using Element or any other Matrix-based messenger.

Fully managed bridging services from Element Matrix Services even offer interoperability with traditional proprietary products including MS Teams, Slack, Telegram and Discord.

A powerful and open network, your users can connect with as many internal and external parties as they want, without walled gardens.

Bring the workplace together, connect across your ecosystem or unify fragmented communities.

Element is trusted by thousands of customers that have the highest privacy standards

Element partners with the French government to support 300K users.

Element works with Dataport to support 500K users across the states of Hamburg and Schleswig-Holstein.

Mozilla uses Element for secure team collaboration and community discussion.

Texas Department of Emergency Management
Element delivers secure, robust and resilient communications for disaster recovery situations.

The world’s largest Matrix-based hosting platform

Element Matrix Services (EMS) is a robust and reliable hosting service for fast, secure messaging and team collaboration.

It is designed to support organisations of all sizes, from the smallest (five people and upwards), to large public communities and the world's biggest enterprises. EMS offers a wide range of enterprise-level functionality, and additional services if required. Hosting can be based in selected countries.

Performance, productivity and privacy.

Feel the benefits of universal secure collaboration


means everyone


means confidential


means getting things done

The importance of data sovereignty

Traditional messaging apps and collaboration tools are centralised; they suck up all your users’ data and stores their conversations and documents on their own proprietary system. Your data is sat on another organisation’s servers, in a country of their choosing, with little clarity regarding data mining, security or third party access.

With Element, all messaging and collaboration is end-to-end encrypted. Element Matrix Services manages your hosting, but without access to users’ data or their conversations. And because it’s your data, you can choose where it’s stored and you are free to take it all with you if you decide to switch provider, or opt for self-hosting.

Privacy and security

Element and Element Matrix Services gives you privacy through the decentralised Matrix protocol, secure hosting with no ability to datamine, end-to-end encryption and cross-signed device verification. Combined with selecting where your data resides, you retain full ownership and control of your end-to-end encrypted data.

For corporates and large organisations, functionality such as retention policies, single sign-on and audit bots still ensure compliance within an incredibly secure environment.